Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's Eat!

With all the post apocalyptic movies like "Book of Eli", "The Road" and to a point "Daybreakers" coming out lately, I decide to ramp up on my Post Apoc. comic book reading. I have a nice list of available ones to choose from. I guess the genre maps well to the comic medium. This week I started off with "Just A Pilgrim". A five part series that came out in 2001 by Wizard Entertainment, and was written by Garth Ennis, and one of my favorite artists, Carlos Ezquerra(who's done a lot of Dredd stuff, and one of my favs, Stainless Steel Rat).
   Ennis writes some morbid stuff, and Just a Pilgrim is not different. It's about earth after the sun starts to cool, and burned off all the world oceans. There is only a pocket of humanity left, and everything else on the surface has mutated into insane horrors. The lead is "Pilgrim", a guy who before "The Burn" was a soldier turned cannibal, who then finds god(in a twisted way) while in prison. After the burn, he punishes the wicked as an insane redeemer. Of course you have a band of weary refugees, which of course are half useless, and makes you wonder how character like that even survive life ending cataclysms? And you have the band of crazies. Typical for the fare. The crazies are lead by a peter pan Hook like character who is only too anxious to kill off everything in sight. Of course he's a total mutant with no arms or legs, just two pegs, and two wicked hooks.
 The story goes through the adventures of Pilgrim helping these lost souls find their way to heaven or hell, and ends up being the only guy left alive. I love it! It's dark humor at its best. There is another 4 part series about the "Pilgrim" called "Garden of Eden" that I will have to read soon. I give this one 4 out of 5 flinging poo's(need to create a  poo icon).

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