Friday, February 19, 2010

The Thing in the Pit

Ok, enough of the dredges of Rome, today is about the Glory of Rome. In only a way that Spartacus can! And this episode delivers. In last weeks episode Spartacus setups a battle with Crixus in the Arena, but only to be disgraced by losing and having to beg for his life. To keep Batiatus from sending him to the mines he has to fight in the "Pits" of Rome, or what they call "the underworld", which is a no holds barred underground cage match with the animals of society. Think Conan when he became the Pit fighter in the beginning of Conan the Barbarian, then you have an excellent idea of what we have here. And in typical Spartacus fashion...LOTS OF BLOOD! The end level boss wears the skinned face of the last guys he defeats. In this case "PRISONER". It was a weak week for Crixus however, going through some "character development" and a love interest(Plus you get to see his wiener). BLAH! Who needs all that noise. Gladiators don't love...they fight!
   But on a lighter note, I do find that Spartacus is starting to settle down into more of a story driven series, then just a Mortal Combat walk through.  It is only getting better and better, but here's hoping that they keep to their guns and continue to give what really makes this show kick ass...Yes, Ass kicking.

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