Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ghost Stories...of Doom!

Tonight we decide to play Ghost Stories, a game I played a couple of times at BGG.CON and severely lost each time. As  a matter of fact, I think I only know one person to have ever won this, and that was on easy mode, which we were on. Can you believe there is actually a "hard" level???

So you are one of 4 Ninjas who try and protect the nine villages from the onslaught of strange Japanese ghosts. And I mean strange in a tentacle porn kind of way, but the concept is cool. The game comes down to this: Try and not completely die before having to face the big boss.

You have four Ninjas, no problem then right? Wrong! Just when you think, well we did good and killed off most of the ghosts, the next turn you'll get a ghost, that brings another ghost, that in turn just happens to bring...yet another ghost. SHIT! But you survive that onslaught, and start making a plan..:Hey we have tons of black chips, we can just fight over here, and BAM auto kill". Great plan, until...A ghost comes out that says you can't uses chips. SHIT!  SO they keep coming, the dice are against you, the game is against you, your location is against you. This game hates your guts.

And just when you are on the verge of losing all your players and villages...then guess what shows up?

Lo Pan, the biggest baddest ass ghost on the block, and NOW you have to kill him. WHAT!??? And he ain't looking to marry you because of your pretty green eyes.

Damn You Game!

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