Monday, January 25, 2010


So there is a new gritty TV show called Spartacus: Blood and Sand on the Starz network that stated this week. And when I say gritty, I mean it in a let's get it on kind of way. Take 300 and mix in the movie Caligula, and you've got Spartacus. There is Sex, Blood, and kick ass throughout. I liked it. The first episode the acting was a little stiff, but by the second episode they started to feel a stride, and the story started to have more depth. In the first two episodes it follows an unnamed Thracian as he's done in by the Roman Empire. Typically that is because the Romans can never be trusted. They killed his tribe, sold his women into slavery and stuck him into a ludum of worth. At first Spartacus is reluctant to fight, but lo and behold he changes his ways for the hope of freeing his wife. I look forward to seeing where they take this story. And since HBO canceled Rome in it's prime, I'm hoping this will fill it's void.

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