Monday, January 25, 2010

After the bomb, psycho private school brats run the show.

In my pursuit to watch some of the older post nuke gems of the 80's, I got around to watching Def Con 4(1985), which is full of cheesy 80's goodness, including diabolical evil dudes with great feathered hair. The move is about 4 astronauts who live on a space station full of nukes that was meant to deter the evil Soviet Empire from getting lippy. However that didn't work and World War III happens, and the entire planet is covered in radiation. The station crashes in Vancouver only to find out that it is overrun with the typical crazy military complex that is run by a super genius private school dropout. His only motivation is to find one of the last remaining survival stations before the radiation does him and his girlfriend in. I love these Reagan era red scare films, and this one falls into the same 5 megaton range of Wolverines! Red Dawn. But not quite. By the way, here is a spoiler for the ending:

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