Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Living in Gotham with that 1000 yard stare.

We all know it's coming. Middle America being lied to for the last time from those fat cat in DC. Insurgents from all over America rise up and create a Free States Army and revolt against the forces of the U.S.A. Based out of Montana, they push towards New York and are stopped in stalemate at the island of Manhattan. Or so that is where we end up at in the Vertigo Comic...DMZ. Now the island of Manhattan is two parts Escape from New York and one part Afghanistan. Or so that's what the media machine of the US is telling us. But what we find out from our hero Matty Roth, a first time photo journalist who is thrown into downtown New York, life is much different.

What he finds is that the US is the shitheads, and people still thrive in what he was always told, was a no mans land of crazies and terrorists. The locals decide to keep Matty alive as long as he chronicles the truth about what is going on in this last refugee camp of America. The cool places like Central park which is being protected by the Ghost(nature loving radicals that protect the last remaining trees and the animals that were left behind in the Zoo), to China town where when everyone else evacuated the island, the chinese contingent bunked up behind closed doors.

Matty of course is bombarded on both sides. Every time he picks up a cell phone to call back home, the US forces sends in a "DANGER CLOSE" attack on his location. But they keep telling him, we're coming to rescue you Matty, just hold tight. Fuck the man!

This is a great series, full of super snipers, dickhead military complex, crazy cannibals, and just downright normal folk trying to make good with the circumstances they are thrust upon. It has a heavy libertarian stance, but if you dig the neo-survivalist post apocalypse genre, this is a must read.

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