Friday, January 15, 2010

Since it's raining here like a futuristic Chinatown scene with a little man serving me a bowl of Udan noodles telling me "He say you under arrest, Mister Deckard"..I knew the lingo. Now I'm just waiting for the midgets to start taking apart my car for parts. Enough of that, instead I'll spend the evening with a movie and a bag of Pirate Booty. What the hell is this stuff? Popcorn, or 4th of July crazy snakes? Tastes so good, but I know it goes against some rules of nature.

Decided to watch this oddball movie Franklyn. Never heard of it? That is because it got some good press a year or so ago, and never made it to the big screen. Straight to DVD. So I knew it must be good! It started off pretty good. A guy in a creepy mask in the middle of a strange steam punk like environment. But the story is told in two different points of view. One in this strange world, and one in the real world. Our antagonist seems to be this vigilantly like character, played by Ryan Phillippe, and some suicidal nut job played by the sexy but dark, Eva Green. It's weird in a Brazil kind of way, and kind of ended the same way. A really short flick too. Just when I thought the story was about to tie itself in, it was over.

It was odd, but interesting. A good prelude before watching one of the last episodes of Dollhouse. Which I must say was just starting to get interesting and then FOX cancels it. Typical.

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  1. Damnit Chapel. This is a good blog!

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