Saturday, January 16, 2010

Space 1999, polyester and farrah hair...and lots of death.

Since the only TV worth watching this spring is LOST...Sweet Lost to kill the pain! I've decided to go back and watch some of those great 70's SciFi TV shows that I hadn't seen either ever, or in at least 20 some years. The first one on the queue is Space 1999. I watched the first two Episodes last night. And a pleasant surprise on episode two, one of my favorite actors, Ian McShane was starring. You may know him at the San Francisco cocksucker from Deadwood, or President for life on Kings.
Or even better, he plays "Waleran" on the upcoming "Pillars of the Earth" a great Novel and a great Boardgame.

On this episode, I think he played the consummate "redshirt" in 1999 terms, which is not uncommon it looks like. The first two episodes, I think they killed off a dozen people. He was lucky enough to to be infected by the first lifeform they encountered. Some crazy energy being. But Ian dies in a blazing nuclear reactor meltdown, and flies off into the stars born as a new star being. A far cry from the crotchety bar owner in the old south. So here's a shot of scotch on you.

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