Thursday, February 4, 2010

Diggable Planet Hulk Movie vs. Comic

SO before the Hulk decided that Earth needed a spanking, a small group of Hero types decided that the Hulk needed a much needed vacation on a quiet little planet on the edge of the galaxy, where he could mope around and swat alien fireflies. But as with most things in Hulks life, nothing goes as plan, and instead the Hulk drugged up like B.A. Barabus in his space chariot finds himself sucked through a worm hole and onto a war world Sakaar. Where he finds himself weakened by the trip, a group of Romanesque aliens types subdue him and enslave him to a world of a Gladiator. Of course you have you Caesar like character "The Red" king who loses favor to the Hulk as he gains accolades for winning bout after bout in this alien Colosseum. This world is filled with all kinds of aliens who crashed landed on the planet over the years. The insectisoid race, the brood "alien", the rock-men, and Shadow Warriors. I really liked the comics version. The art was top notch and the story was really interesting.  The reason for this blog entry however was the BluRay release of the movie. It had a few omissions, such as the brood race, and instead of the Hulk fighting the Silver Surfer in the arena, he instead fights Beta Ray Bill(THOR knockoff). But besides that the movie was pretty close to the comic version. It sure beat the hell out of the recent Green Lantern DVD release. What a pile of crap that was.

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