Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dante's Inferno Anime

I don't usually like Anime as there is too much BESM, GAIA bull hockey, or teen love angst. All that Japanese writing is weird and while the animation is great, the story always sucks. BUT, Dante's Inferno caught my eye. It's written, animated and directed by 6 different directors and various animators. Each taking their vision of the story that loosely follows the story of Dante's visit through hell. The story is built around a knight of the Crusades who's love Beatrice he promises to be true while away fighting in the holy land. However Beatrice strikes a deal with the devil that if he brought him back and alive and she found out that he did not remain pure, the satan could steal her soul away to hell forever.
   Of course Dante wasn't and when he returned, he finds that his family is killed and Beatrice has been swept away to hell. But Dante is kind of a bad ass and has none of that and follows them through the Nine Circles of hell. He is met by Charon the ferryman, King Minos, Cerberus, Phlegyas, His evil father, a bunch of crazy bat/babies, and  Lucifer...all of whom Dante carves up with a giant sickle. Of course he has to face his own sins, which the movie takes the stance of, yeah, I sinned a bunch, but who cares I can kick my sins ass! And he does. The movie's story isn't half bad and the action is off the chart. I love the different styles of Animation and how they blend from one chapter to the next. It's well worth watching even if you are a hater of Anime like myself. This is also going to be a video game for the xbox360.

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