Thursday, February 11, 2010

LOST, The BanStick, and RA!!!!!

So this week I consider one of the seasons LOST Lite episodes. They seem to do this just when things are getting crazy wild in one episode, they have another episode that doesn't do a whole lot. This weeks episode was that. You had the useless continuation of Kate's boring love triangle which no longer revolves around Sawyer and Jack, but now it follows Sawyer and FOR NOW dead Juliet...YAWN. I guess the interesting part of this weeks show was the return from the dead Sayid. But I think we learned that he wasn't Jacob like a lot of people were thinking, but transforming into "something" else  that no one wants to explain. Because while Samurai Sam and his Dennis Hopper from Apocalypse Now rip off tries to test Sayid for an unknown affliction by torturing the torturer then spends the rest of the time tying to get Jack to off him with a concoction of poison, they refuse to answer Jacks questions...what's new??? I'm with you Jack. You people need to start talking, there is only a few episodes left! Arghhh....Love this show.

This weeks gaming included two games, Homesteaders and RA!!!!!!

Homesteaders is your typical Auction slash Economic engine game. It's a clean game and has lots of ways to spreadsheet your way to a win, but nothing all that exciting. I played, I lost, I learned math.

But RA, now that is the way to end the night. Why, because RA must be invoked. I love how this game is so different every time you play it. Sometimes the gods favor you, and sometimes like in Wayne's case they drag your measly soul into the depths of the underworld... Always a great game, and one I should get to the table more often.

This weeks gaming session is brought to you by the letter B, or BAN STICK! So I got slapped down for calling an internet crybaby a crybaby from my favorite gaming forum. Internet whiners who huff and puff about taking their ball and leaving just irk the shit out of me. The internet isn't your therapy session, keep your incessant need for attention in the real world....Whatev.

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