Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sky Doll vs. TechnoPope

Sky Doll was a series of french comics that was first published in 2000 and finally translated last year. It follows Noa, a sexbot android that started off working in "Heaven" the spaceship astrowash as a sexy starship washer/sex slave on the planet Papthea. Papathea is run by a religious "papacy" known as the papass. A dig at the Catholic church indeed. The papass has two sister at the top, Agape(the spiritual one) and Ludovic(the vixen). The church used mass media to stage miracles to keep the people inline and in religion. Ludovic who wanted power to herself staged the death of Agape. It back fires however and it starts a religious civil war between the forces of Ludovic and and the heretics of Agape.
   In the fore front is our anti-heroes Roy and Jahu, who as emissaries for Ludovic were sent on a mission of peace to the planet Aqua. Planet Aqua, who is run by an all female clone race of essentially "scientologists" who are selling, errrr...spreading the word of of there divine religion. Instead of spreading peace, Jahu was found to be on a secret mission to kill the father creature of the Aquan's, thereby dooming the race to extinction. Along the way we find out the Noa is no ordinary sexbot, but something more, something special. And what transpires is how the story goes from here. It's a fun romp. Definitely an over sexualized storyline that brings back memories of the old school Heavy Metal magazine of my youth. But it's funny and well written. I can't wait to read more from this as they are released.


  1. Sounds like the Das Pastoras & Alejandro Jodorowsky comics about the Metabarons, which included a technopope.

  2. I loved Metabarons, which is where I got the reference in the title. It's sad that the English versions stopped coming. But if you liked that, you are bound to like this one.