Monday, March 1, 2010

Ninja Assassin: It's full of stars

There are two things that any self respecting male teen of the 80's made in shop class in High School: Nun-chucks, and Ninja Stars. Ninja movies were big in that time of yore with gems like American Ninja One through Five, Enter the Ninja, Revenge of the Ninja, and Ninja III the 3D. Ninjas rocked! So when Ninja Assassin came out, I knew I must watch it. And I must say, it did actually deliver. The movie revolves around Raizo, of the ninja Ozunu Clan, who just happen to be a crack squad of ninjas for hire that are used by several covert operation groups around the world. All the Ninjas are orphans picked off the street and trained since childhood to become lean mean killing machines. Raizo is raised in this environment and becomes one of it's greatest students, but he falls in love with Kiriko, the only female student in the clan. Isn't the the downfall over every Ninja? Love plus ninjas to not mix! Kiriko tries to escape the clan only to be caught and killed by her ninja brother Takesh. This angers Raizo and on his first "kill" decides to go rogue.  Europol, a police organization finds out about this clans of ninjas and try to destroy their grip on the assassination game. The carnage continues from there...
 This movie has some great fighting sequences. Lots of blood, and matrix style ninja star action. So if you were a fan of Ninja movies, this one you are really going to like. Plot? Who needs plot when you have 1 vs 100 ninja battle royales!?

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