Monday, March 1, 2010

Precious.. or how I became the father of the year.

The Academy awards are coming next week so I am trying to fill in some of the missing movies that are being nominated. Precious is up for the movie of the year, and one that has been on my radar for a while. It's about a 16 year old inner city girl by the name of Claireece Precious Jones. Who has gotten pregnant by her father...for the second time, and has gotten suspended from school. The principal from this school enrolls her into a special school for women in her predicament. And this is where the movie really takes a nose dive into some dark places. First she is pregnant with her second child, both of which were the cause of her father raping her continually throughout her childhood since she was 3. The first child has downs syndrome, and they names her "mongo", which they say is short mongoloid. Second she is highly obese, caused by her mother overfeeding her because she is jealous that Claireecehas taken "her man"(her father). Third, her mother sexually and physically abuses her throughout the movie and only wants the kids so she can collect welfare. Forth, if the rest of the movies wasn't dark enough, Claireece finds out that her father had AIDS and now so does she.
   OK! SO next time you think you are doing bad as a parents, or have kids that think they have it rough. You just show this movie, and you will be awarded the parent of the year trophy.

It's a dark dark movie, and is really there to show sides of our society that exist today. I don't think it'll win picture of the year. As while the story is poignant, the acting is just OK. With one exception. Claireec's mother, played by "Monique". She is a cinch for Supporting Actress Oscar, as she plays a perfect and scary Mom you DO NOT WANT. It was a good movie, and one to watch.

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