Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lunch Disc Golf at the Cactus Patch DGC

I've decided that now that the weather is nice that it's time to Disc Golf more. And not only that, but to blog about it. Yay, me. We have several 9 hole courses around where I work, so to keep up with my diet, instead of pigging out one day a week, instead play a quick 9 hole. Today Jon and I decided to hit The Cactus Patch DGC. It's a nice little course with the longest hole being 380 feet(that of course being my worst as you can see below). They have the trails well manicured and it was easy to find all the maintained tees. For a small course, they have some interesting and tricky holes, just a couple of mando's. I've been breaking in a new disc(DGA Rogue) for my forearm shots, and distance wise not to bad. Just trying to dial in on a little more power.  I liked the course. It'll be fun to play it more now that I found how close it is.

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