Thursday, April 15, 2010

i am the kwisatz hade..NOT SO FAST!

Or, how not to play DUNE. So have you ever played a game so damn wrong that you piss half the people completely off? Well then, you are in for a treat. Here is how you start. Pull out your long underplayed french copy of DUNE. Then:

#1. Forget to give everyone a free treachery card.
#2. Allow a Nexus on the first spice blow
#3. Hilarity ensues!

OK, so it has only been 15 years since I played this game, so cut me some slack. But it was funny anyway. I was the Emperor, Mark played Harkonnen, and Jeff the measly Atreides(and we also had a Guild player and a Fremen). So we flip the spice blow card...WORM SIGN! Then off to the Nexus. I think a Harkonnen and Empire alliance is in order(Hey it follows the book). Which is awesome Harkonnen that can hold 8 treachery cards, and the Empire that can make dough from it. Bidding for the card knocked out everyone  but me and Mark. First movement I land a buttload of Saudukar into Arrakeen, and Mark into Carthag. Essentially we spend the first round POUNDING Jeff(i am the kwisatz haderach) out of existence...And to salt the wound Mark then played a slow poison on him.

Jeff was pissssssed!

Ok, Ok, sometimes it happens. You play a game so wrong that there is just no recovering anything useful midgame, and this was one of those times. But if you looked at those first 5 turns, you'd have to say, it's kind of how it went in the story. Of course we are now primed and educated for the next game, so if nothing else it was a great learning experience. Quite an entertaining night, well entertaining if you were a dirty Harkonnen!


  1. Dune with 3? That's just wrong. 6 or nothing.

  2. No we had 5, one was the Guild and the other the Fremen. They all allied up with Jeff against Mark and I.