Monday, January 24, 2011

I am not that Legendary..

I loved reading Richard Matheson's novel I Am Legend . I read it many years ago after watching The Omega Man for the first time, which I really dug. But the book I found was a different beast altogether. It for the first time they really put man as the monster of it's own creation. Where vampires were the new man. I loved the concept. However the omega man never really put Heston on that stand. He was always still the hero of mankind. Then Will Smith came out with his rendition with I Am Legend and in this one they "almost" did it, they almost showed Robert Neville as the the antagonist as in the book, but they changed the ending, and they coward again. You should see the alternate ending on YouTube. But last night I watched the third rendition of the book in a Vincent Price movie called  The Last Man on Earth. Which out of the three, was probably the closest interpretation. It wasn't however, the most entertaining. I'm sorry, but Vincent Price playing Neville was just not....well, right. The book captured the feeling, but the movie fell flat. Oh well, I guess we'll have to wait for the next re-telling to see if they get it right.

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