Friday, January 21, 2011

You're never to old to kill spooks

Take a crew of actors one step from Geritol, and make them retired killers and what do you get? R.E.D(Or Retired Extremely Dangerous). The movie follows Frank Moses(Bruce Willis), a retired CIA agent living the boredom of real life, and his love interest(Mary-Louise Parker), a bored telephone assistant who both all of a sudden are attacked by an unknown assassin group. Then Frank pulls in the help of his old crew, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren. Then they spend the next 2 hours kicking the living hell out of the young and dumb NEW CIA. Who were sent on a mission to kill the crew because they knew that the now Vice President went all ape shit on a Guatemala town, killing everything in sight.
   I must say, I enjoyed the movie quite a bit more than I expected to. It was such a low key movie when it was released, but it really had some heft as a blockbuster. Very weird indeed. Of course Willis plays his typical "Die Hard" type character that he is just really good at playing. But when it works, don't fix it. After watching the movie, I have a new interest in reading the Warren Ellis graphic novel of the same name. Good stuff.

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